11 Reasons Why Business Should Offer Trials

1. Customers can experience firsthand how it is like to work with your team. They get to interact with your sales team, technical assistants and account managers and be more aware of the real life working with a company’s executives.

2. Gives a sneak peek into your addon services. If trial services go well there then companies stand a greater chances of upselling value added services. Research shows that customers are more likely to purchase more products, in the vertical segment. For example, AllTranscript.com transcription services provides value added services such as proofreading services, document typing services, multiple transcript conversion services, letter typing services and audio book typing services. Most of our customers who trial our services also do use our value add on services.

3. Shows the confidence of your company to offer free trial service. There are two types of trial. One is free trials and the other is paid trials. There is a subliminal marketing message in the company that offer free trials. It tells the customer indirectly that our company has the confidence to offer trail service without charging a penny for it. Also we are confident about our product.

4. Creates transparency. There are lot of companies which do not declare overhead charges, hidden charges etc. As these are kept hidden from the customer, the customer has to bear the extra charges in the form of transaction processing fees, taxes, service charges etc. only at a later stage when they have placed an order. At AllTranscript.com our company follows a transparent process of placing orders. There are no extra charges or hidden charges in our services.

5. Customers are more likely to convert. Yes this is one of the most important point. Extensive market research shows that clients who have taken a trial service are now far more likely to become a loyal customer. Marketexperiment.com found in its research that 87 percent of a company customers become customers only after taking a trial.

6. First time customers are more likely to try out your services. Another very important reason to include free trials.

7. Increases the customers referrals for your firm. Customers can refer their friends, colleagues to try your services. This way their friends and colleagues get to know your work beforehand and need to take the risk of a word of mouth referral which sometimes can go wrong. For example, our company offers podcast transcription services. So once a podcast has tried our service, then they would refer their colleagues in the podcast blogging industry about us.

8. Gives the customer the confidence to sign a legal contract. At AllTranscript.com, most of our university clients looking for academic research interview transcription services sign confidentiality contracts with us. Normally what happens is, a client would first sign a legal contract and then proceeding to testing the services. It can be sometimes time consuming to complete the legal formalities when one doesn’t know how the company-customer relationship is going to last or what is the nature of the contractual service. So a free trial will take care of this.

9. Companies very selective in hiring their customers can screen them at this stage of purchase. This is so true at AllTranscript.com. Though we are pretty liberal, but there are times when we do screen out first time customers or impose strict joining terms so as to reduce defaults in payments. Here is an excellent article which examines whether free trials are good or bad.

Trial of services and products should be a part of most consumer businesses. Most well known businesses already do this. Whether you take the perfume manufacturers such as Burberry, Calvin Klein or Coty’s or whether you take the food industry where even a small business such as your local bakery in downtown Manhattan would offer a piece of their signature cookie so that you can taste their product before buying.


The Author: AllTranscript is a general and legal typing service company. The company offers, amongst a variety of addon business solutions such as podcast transcription service, document typing service, letter typing service etc. To know more about the company’s prices visit the typing service rates page. For bulk quotations contact us via us on Tumblr.