Steps: Converting Voicemails to Digital Transcripts


What is Voicemail?

Voicemail is a message which gets recorded on the phone when the phone is not answered.

What is Visual Voicemail?

Visual voicemail is a service that gives visual information about the voicemail messages that get recorded. The main features of a visual voicemail is that user is able to read the messages, scroll through the message list and tap on the message which they would like to listen to.

Visual voicemails have a special feature in which the voicemail gets transcribed to text. The service comes with certain limitations. For example Verizon customers are receive transcripts of first 45 seconds of the voice call. Also, one is able to store a maximum of 20 messages and the length of each message can be maximum of 3 minutes.


Sprints Visual Voicemail Avatars

Visual Voicemail Avatars

Sprint is offering a premium services for its voicemail users who will now be able to add avatars or visual characters to their voicemail inbox. When a message is played the chosen avatar reads out the message.

How To Transcribe Voicemails?

Step 1: Transferring the voicemail from Phone to Computer

Steps For iPhone users

If you are an iPhone user then we recommend using an app called iExplorer. The app is simple to use. First download the software to the desktop and install it on the PC. Then connect the iPhone to the PC and run iExplorer. iExplorer will automatically sync with the phone. Click on the ‘Voice Mails’ tab. At this point all the recorded messages will be retrieved. The select the export to PC option and you can transfer the voicemails from the iPhone to PC. The voicemails will be store in .amr format and can be easily players in most audio playback softwares such as VLC, Quicktime, Audacity etc. For complete set of instruction visit the page here.


iExplorer for iPhone

Steps for other mobile phones such as Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Blackberry

For transferring voicemails you will be needing a male-to-male line in jack, a voice recording software called Audacity (compatible with Mac and PC). First connect the line in jack to the phones audio jack and the other end of the male jack to the PC’s line in port. Now launch Audacity. Go to main panel > select “Line in” option. Now play the voice recordings on your phone. The messages will directly get recorded by the software and stored on the computer. Now goto ‘File’ menu in Audacity, select export and save as .MP3. The voicemail has been transferred and stored as .MP3.

The complete list of steps is also give here in detail.

Step 2: Transcribing The Recordings Into Text

Once you have the files in the .AMR format then it needs to be sent to a professional transcription service company which will convert the recorded messages into a transcript. The person who does the typing work is known as a professional transcriber or a professional transcriptionist. One can search for a professional typing service online or via a phone directory. If you are in the Americas and looking for typing services in Canada and USA then we suggest you take a look at this online audio transcription services company operating out of NY, USA.

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