What Makes One Typing Service Better Than Another?

Typing service is a hugely competitive business these days. As a result services are beginning to transition into new service offerings. : For example companies which specialize in transcription of dissertation thesis recordings are now offering medical transcription services as well.

Now, there are hundreds companies offering everything from general transcription to specialized services such as document transcription, legal transcription and medical transcription. Due to the high influx of providers, companies are forced to opt for a business model which provides ‘value to the customer’ instead of charging a premium. There was time when companies would charge 500 dollars just for transcribing one hour of audio. Now the transcription rates have become affordable and the competition has brought typing services within everyone’s reach.

Typing services online

Geo-location is not a problem anymore. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a typing service in the UK or in Australia, you would definitely find it hard to choose one service company as there are so many options now.

So how does one zero in on a transcriptionist? Basically, what makes one typing service better than the other?

Well, here are some points that one could consider in order to differentiate between the competition and separate the cream from the rest.

Services Are Competing More And More On Rates: Nowadays, to transcribe 1 hour of video will cost you upwards of $50. Probably more. The average rates are now hovering at $1.50/minute fast transcription. However if you are lucky you can transcribe the audio recordings for much less provided you find someone who would do it for less. AllTranscript.com is one such transcription company. A few years back, companies would charge thrice the amount to what they are charging. Thanks to the competition providers have been forced to curtail their charges and offer it at nominal rates.

Tip: AllTranscript.com charges only $1.10/minute of audio transcription. And their services are highly accurate and convenient.

Better service to the customers: Customers are being given faster response times in terms of service. A few years ago transcriptionists would be available via a phone only. Now transcribers are available instantly via platforms such as Google Chat, Social Media, Twitter and Facebook, and SMS, besides being a Phone call away.

Companies are competing on innovation: For example, recently a UK based transcription company launched an Android based App which allows conference call users to directly record and send the audio to the company as soon as the conference call gets over. It makes transcription work so much easier.

Here is another example. Transcription companies are now working with manufacturers of voice recorders in order to make their services totally integrated. For instance, one can use a special voice recorder in which after the recording session is complete would automatically send the recording directly to the company for transcribing. Isn’t this wonderful?

Companies are competing on Quality: Customers choose between companies based on the accuracy of the transcripts they receive. Here at AllTranscript.com quality is the Number# 1 priority. This is one area which we cannot compromise on. Customers need accurately transcribed documents especially hospitals, clinical researchers, medical personals, doctors and therapists.

Companies are expanding their service: Companies are transitioning completing their suite of offerings by including general, legal and medical transcription as part and parcel of their business portfolio. Businesses transitioning to medical transcription are making themselves HIPAA compliant so as to offer typing services in the UK and US and to the rest of the world where HIPAA compliance is a necessity.

About the author: AllTranscript.com is a online company which primarily provides typing services in countries such as the UK and British Isles. All typing is done by a team of transcriptionists with years of experience behind their back. The team is able to transcribe difficult Scottish accents, British accents and even international Asian accents with great accuracy.

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

~ Damon Richards