Reducing Backlog of Pending Transcripts

Recently Matthew J. Adams a Canadian freelance journalist got in touch with us regarding some video interview files that were to be converted into a transcript. He had approximately 10 hours of video interviews in total which he had to discuss the impact the WICSA conference held in Sydney, Australia. Conference IEEE, CANADA Matthew was supposed to present an article in an online journal magazine on the WICSA conference. The material of the conference would come from the video interviews. So as soon as he completed the interviews he started converting them to digital text. However due to busy schedule he was able to transcribe only a couple of hours of video. As the deadline approached he was surprised to see the backlog of transcripts that had accumulated.

Matthew describes the situation, “Well I literally started to have an heart attack when I found out the deadline was just 1 week away and I had a huge, huge, huge backlog. It was obvious that I would not be able to do the transcription work by myself. So immediately went to Bing and searched for an online transcription service which could do the work for me. And that is how I found your team at” Matthew needed a professional who could transcribe the video seminar into text. He needed a super quick turnaround on the digital files.

And that’s when our team of transcriptionists here at got started to work on the project. We immediately distributed the files among our team members and got to transcribing. And we delivered all the 8 hours of video seminar transcripts back to Matthew in 4 days of receiving the files.

Needless to say Matthew was more than happy. He called us on the phone and said “The transcripts were just awesome. Thank you so much guys. You won’t believe how much work pressure this has taken off from me. I will definitely be needing your services again. And I have some colleagues to whom I will be recommending your services…”

That made our day. Knowing that our online services are helping people to complete their jobs gives us a little bit of pride in our job. We understand the typing can be a daunting job. And if time is not on your side then it would be outsource typing service to a third party. Here is a typing company which is accurate and trustworthy for it genuine work. We can also recommend tips to freelance journalists looking to transcribe video meetings: Top 5 tips Tip# 1: Hire a professional typist for transcribing video seminars greater than 1 hour.

Tip# 2: Avoid transcribing urgent press releases by yourself.

Tip# 3: Store all transcripts into a cloud storage platform. Backup all the transcripts onto Google Drive, Sky Drive or also provides extra facility to store transcripts on their web server

Tip# 4: Never keep private and confidential word doc transcripts in a pen drive or third party portable storage media device.

Tip# 5: Make your transcription service vendor sign a non disclosure agreement. The NDA put the onus and makes them legally liable of digital theft in case the news leak happens from the contracted vendor. We hope you guys found the information useful. Do send us your tips to our website, or, give us your feedback in the comments section below. And we will get back to you soon.

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