Transcribing Files For Investigative Journalists


What is Investigative Journalism?

Investigative journalism is a type of journalism in which the journalist would research a particular area of interest in order to uncover facts and truth which otherwise may not be open to public. The reporter usually investigates scandals, corruption in corporate, political news etc. The reporter could spent a lot of time researching the news, gathering facts, verifying information before writing an article on it and getting it published in a newspaper.

Hiring A Professional Typing Service For Transcribing Recording

For investigative journalists looking to transcribe a telephonic conference call, research interviews, video recording or any type digitally recorded audio into text the one can hire the services of a professional transcriber. Professional transcribers can transcribe pretty quickly. Professional transcriber companies charge for every minute of audio to be transcribed. So for example if the company charges $1.50 per minute of audio, to transcribe a 10 minute of recording will cost $15.00.


Tips For Investigation Journalists Looking For Hiring Transcription Company

  • News gathering is an integral part for journalists. And one of the way to do so is by contacting participants and voice recording the conversation after they have given their approval to record the conversation. By the time a journalist completes gather research material it is likely that one will have several recorded interviews as data sets. In order to convert the voice recordings into usable form the interviews can be converted to text by a professional interview transcription service with much ease. This saves a lot of time and efforts
  • Secondly, hire a cheap transcription service such as this one. This will save you ton of money.
  • Thirdly, sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with your transcription company. It will ensure the safety of your digital recordings and make the firm liable to legal action in case the recording get stolen.
  • Invest in a decent quality voice recorder. Voice recorder is an indispensable tool for journalists. So investing well in an capable voice recorder such as one by Olympus, Sony or Phillips will go a long way in recording audio interviews.

We understand the career of a investigative journalist can be a hard one. Infact it is considered to be one of the most difficult types of journalism. Journalists have to investigate stories of political corruption, verify news leaks, go behind the scenes of a scandals and unearth these stories. At every stage of the news gathering they have to be aware of the laws and hope they are not breaking them. Investigate journalists also know as watchdog journalists are often facing risks of getting arrested, trespassing private properties or even losing their lives.

So the lives of an investigative journalist can filled with adventure and risks. They can also be very rewarding as pays for such news tends to be higher.


One of the most well known investigative journalists of all time is Robert Upshur Woodward, popularly known as Bob Woodard. Bob Woodard and his colleague Carl Bernstein broke the Watergate Scandal in the Washington Post which became a breaking story. Bob and Carl won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for their work as investigative journalists.

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