AllTranscript Dictation Service Keeps Text Transcripts Secure

Keeping audio and video transcripts secure is the number one priority at Clients who use our book dictation service send us book dictation files which are to be kept secured during transcription. So here at our team of transcribers follows series of stringent steps to make sure that our transcripts safe from hackers and harmful viruses and Trojans from getting into the system.

1. Keeping email conversations secured: Most of the conversation between us and clients now happens on email. We do also take phone calls and attend client meetings on Skype, WebEx. All these electronic mediums are communication are by themselves pretty secure. Our preferred email client is Gmail by far. Why? Because it is very easy to use, safe to add attachments and very responsive.

Tips For Keeping Email Conversations Secured:
A. Use a well known email service provider such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo. Signup for their business services which allows mapping of a personal domain email address onto, Gmail or Yahoo. For example if your domain address is and your professional email id is, then you could sign up for a Gmail business account and then use Gmail services while keeping the same email address which is!

B. Scan for virus and Trojans when downloading and before uploading critical documents and files. We use an antivirus software by the name of ESET Nod 32. It’s a very powerful software and has kept our systems virus free for years now. Plus it is pretty affordable. We highly recommend using this antivirus for retail or large organizations.

C. Enable two step password verification for changing email passwords.

2. Safe Storage Of Audio And Video Files:
As a transcription service we receive lots of audio and video files for transcribing into text. These files are usually conference calls, meetings, interviews, thesis dissertation recordings, Skype calls etc. which are to be transcribed, proofread and then compiled into a word document before being sent out to the client. Moreover we are legally liable after signing a Non Disclosure Agreement with our clients. Hence we take extra measure to safe store all these digital files.

Some of the these critical steps are:

A. Add passwords to folders in which audio files are stored.
B. Add passwords to pen drives, external hard drives which are used to transferring media files from one computer system to another.
C. Limited internet access to critical computer systems so as to prevent leakage.

3. Using A Reliable Courier Service: also provides academic transcription services to America, Canadian, Australian and British universities. The service of transcribing thesis and dissertation interviews sometimes requires that the clients sends us the cassette tapes for transcribing into text. We recommend our clients to use well knows courier services for critical transcriptions such as audio dictations for example. These are Fedex Canada, Purolator for Canada, DHL for Singapore, US etc. and Smartsend, Australia.

4. Antivirus: Discussed earlier in point number 2. We have an excellent antivirus installed on all of our laptop and desktop systems. We make sure all of our computers are virus free by regularly running full antivirus checks and updating the antivirus database on a routine basis.

5. Adding passwords to MS Documents: Super critical and private transcripts can be secured by adding a password and a digital signature to the document. When a client requests us to

6. Deletion of audio/video files:
After the transcription project is complete we delete the dictation files completely from our system as it is no longer required. So once it is deleted the is no chance of any mis-usage. We do store the transcripts with us for a certain period of time. All these are stored on our cloud storage platform offered by Amazon and Microsoft.

About the Author: is an English audio international typing services company where universities can transcribe thesis and dissertation interviews at economical rates. We also offer university transcription services to Lecturers, PhD candidate students, Assistant professors and to university research students. Rush transcription service is also available and we are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. To read more interesting articles visit


What Does A Transcriber Do In His Day To Day Life

Hello Readers,

The profession of a transcriptionist maybe a tiring one in the initial phases of one’s career. Constantly typing on the keyboard and listening to digital materials and even cassette tapes may not be every ones forte. However once a person is able to adapt and grow into this then there is no turning back. And it’s a rich rewarding experience.

So how does a professional transcriber go about spending his day at work? A transcriptionist is a person who has to type out spoken speech into text by listening to it. This transcription job involves lot of typing.

A professional transcriptionist hired by a transcription company can transcribe mp3/wav interview recordings into text anywhere from 45 minutes of an audio to 90 minutes of an audio in one day alone. In contrast people with average typing speeds or non professionals are able to transcribe half that length in twice or usually three times the days.The typing job involves being on the computer for very long hours, and of course lots of rewinding and pausing. Transcribers use a software which is called a transcription software. The software is a misnomer in the sense that it does not transcribe the audio by itself but it only assists the typist in their job. How? A transcription software like Express Scribe (by NCH software), one loads the audio or the video that is to be transcribed into the software. So with the help of the software the typist can vary the playback speed of the audio so that it matches his or her typing speed.

Note that not all transcribers would need to work on a keyboard. Legal transcriptionists work on a special form of a keyboard which has inbuilt shorthand capabilities. So in court room hearing or a deposition hearing for example, the legal transcriptionist is able to transcribe nearly instantaneously. It’s important that there is no lag since court room depositions and court room hearing might be needed to be transcribed on a rush basis and the defendants, the lawyers, jury and the prosecutors might not be willing to wait for late delivery of legal transcripts. Rates for legal transcription vary on either a per minute basis or a per line/word basis.


Many transcription services are offering what are called home based transcription jobs. The typist can be located anywhere in the world and could be working from the comfort of their homes. The only equipments need for one to get going is a good internet speed, a transcription foot pedal, transcription software and 24×7 availability. 24×7 availability is crucial for rush typing with fast delivery and turnaround times. How Does Lynda Spend Her Day Transcribing?

Lynda M, a transcriber by profession works at an Australian transcription service. She is a home based freelancer and a mom of 2 children. Although she works for a Melbourne based company however she resides in Ohio, US. How? Thanks to the internet!

We asked her how does she spend her day at work (which is at her home of course). Lynda said “I get up in the morning and do the basic chores of the household. Afterword at around 8 or 9 AM I check my emails to see if I have received any transcription work from my company. When I receive a file for audio transcription I start working on the files immediately. Then after the audio conversion to text has been completed I then submit the files back to the company.

Enjoy Your Work

I spend about 6-8 hours, sometimes more depending on the work load and the quality of the audio files. Some audio files are easy to transcribe as they are noise free recordings. And some are hard due to backgrounds noises and even the Australian accent. So these type of files takes me an extra hour or two.” And We Asked Her What About Her Free Time?

She replied “Well, I usually am able to finish my work by 5 PM. And then I am free. I don’t work on Sundays. Sometimes I might be busy on Saturdays as well if some household emergency comes up. I email my employer and tell them about the urgency. And they usually are soft on this issue. So I am easily able to manage a work day off when needed in an emergency situation or things that I have to attend to outside of my work schedule.”

Health Issues A Concern
Lynda told us that she loved her job so much. But she did have on concern which was her health. She is worried that sitting on the computer for long hours on stretches might not be good for her neck and lower spine region. Also long typing means using excessive hand movement (which could result in Carpal Tunnel eventually) in a particular way. So she is looking at alternative forms of exercise and health rejuvenation such as Yoga, breathing exercises, Pilates and the every green home based power exercises to keep her going at her work.
We talked to Lynda on her future plans which we’ll cover in the later blog posts. It was absolutely wonderful to talk to Lynda and we will definitely be catching with her soon.

If you have been reading this article and have something to say, comment or give any views. Feel free to get in touch with us at our website the link to which is below.

Thanks and see you guys soon. Transcription Service.

Why You Need To Transcribe a Keynote

A Keynote speech is a professional way of interacting with large masses. A keynote speaker identifies the type of audience which is going to be the part of the program and prepares accordingly. Unlike other speakers, he aims to deliver his speech in a conversational tone. This is done to avoid any kind of monotony among the individuals present there. For the purpose of expressing a particular topic before audience for a specified period of time, the speakers charge hefty amounts from them. However, people don’t mind paying such amounts as they are given an opportunity to hear motivational speeches from their favorite speakers.

Reason Behind The Transcription Of Keynote Speeches

Have you considered converting audio into text? The dictionary word for conversion of speech into text is ‘Transcription’ or ‘Transcribe’ . Transcribing can prove to be a great idea because of the following reasons:

Easy to read typed version

Transcription means the conversion of an audio or video into an easy readable word document. If you have missed some part of the speech or were not able to attend the whole keynote speech, you can buy its transcribed version to counterbalance the loss. The transcript stored can be accessed by the audience as well as the speaker anytime they want.

Easy to store transcript

It is easy and convenient to store a transcript as per your preferences. With the help of transcript, a proper record of your speech is also maintained. You can transfer it in your pen drive, tablet, smartphone with respect to your interests.

Put text on your website

Most of the keynote speakers have their official websites to create cordial relationships with their audiences. They can stay updated by putting the transcribed portion of their speech online to keep people people’s interests alive.

Easy to refer back and forth

There may be situations when keynote speakers initiate to improve their present work by analyzing their past records. By considering their previous works, they can become successful in improving their current speeches.

How To Transcribe an audio? The most convenient way is hiring an accurate online transcription company. Alternatively, one can transcribe the audio by themselves with them help of a transcription software. If typing speed is a concern then it’s best left to the professional typing service companies.

Types Of Keynote Speakers

There are 4 types of keynote speakers which have been mentioned as follows:

Generalists: Generalist, as the name suggests, is known for communicating with the audience on general issues.

Gurus: Gurus are scientific experts who deliver already prepared reports in an efficacious manner. They can be interpreted as well informed speakers rather than motivators.

Organizational Executives: These business executive are present for conducting corporate training. Be it about introduction of a unique product or implementation of a strategy, you can feel free to invite these executives for achieving your organizational objectives.

Advocates: They prove to be the best among the above mentioned categories. They don’t work for free and possess the capability to deliver any kind of speech from motivational to corporate level.

Keynote Speakers worth mentioning

Notable Keynote Speakers Of Canada

Barb Fry: Barb Fry makes sure that the presentations are delivered with higher levels of energy, so that the listeners stay physically and mentally present in the event.

Bill Carr: Bill Carr possesses the capability to deliver serious messages in a light manner. The words used by him force the audience to see the hidden meaning behind their life.

Carol Lesbriel: Carol Lesbriel is an inspirational keynote speaker who helps individuals in redefining their personal and organization objectives.


Notable Keynote Speakers Of Australia

Toni Fitzgerald: Toni Fitzgerald is known for delivering corporate speeches, which are shared interestingly with the audience.

Dr. Adam Fraser: Dr. Adam Fraser is involved in coaching and training people in different areas.

Bettina Arndt: Being a motivational speaker, Bettina Arndt has become successful in building her own brand across the globe.

Siimon Reynolds: Siimon Reynolds is a highly skilled entrepreneur and professional keynote speaker.


Notable Keynote Speakers Of UK

Among the best keynote speakers of UK, some of them are mentioned as follows:

Adrian Webster: Adrian Webster is known for inspiring individuals to give innovative outputs in a different manner.

Allan Pease: Allan Pease is considered to be a motivational speaker who throws light on various success mantras in a light manner.

Amy Williams: Amy Williams, being a gold medalist in 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, tends to be a speaker who specializes in delivering conversational speeches related to sports, teamwork, motivation, leadership etc. If you have always wanted to have an impressive personality, hearing to this speaker at least once becomes a must for you.

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Posted on: 20 March, 2015

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among Transcribers

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpel tunnel syndrome or CTS is a physical condition of the hand which causes pain and discomfort. The disorder is caused due to the median nerve of the wrist being pressed. The median nerve runs through a small passage way in the wrist which is called carpal tunnel. The tunnel is the width of about 1cm to 1.5cm. Median nerve is primarily responsible for producing sensations and movement in the first three fingers and thumb.  When this nerve is pressed, it causes pain.

Pain is also caused due to the tendons pressing against the nerves. There are a total of 9 tendons which run through the carpal tunnel. These are covered by a layer of membrane. If any inflammation occurs in the membranes, they result in swelling and ultimately the swollen membranes press against the median nerve, causing pain and discomfort.

Pressure could build up due to several reasons. For example, obesity, Ligament presses on median nerve.

Where will you get to see CTS?

Its common among transcribers.

Professionals spending long hours in front computers i.e. Call Center professionals, Software coders and programmers,

Causes of CTS:

  • Wrist injury
  • Obesity
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Congenital
  • Smoking
  • Age factor:
  • Females: between the ages of 40 and 60 are more prone to CTS.

Lifestyle:  CTS is common in people who spend long hours working on the keyboard. For example, transcribers and transcriptionists suffer from frequent pains in the wrist due to excess typing. In BPO’s and call centers employees spend long hours on workstations. In order to prevent CTS among employees, squeeze balls are provided to employees.

7 Tips to Prevent Carpel tunnel in Employees:

  1. People working for long hours on computers can do wrist rotation exercises for atleast 5 minutes every hour.
  2. Perform hand stretching exercises
  3. Take frequent breaks of short duration.
  4. Maintain correct posture while using computer mouse and keyboard.
  5. Wear wrist braces and splints to keep the wrist straight.
  6. Switch between laptop touchpad and laptop mouse. Touchpads are more easier on the hands.
  7. Job rotation: Employees can take rotate their jobs with their colleagues in exchange for a job that involves lesser

Author: Article posted by is online transcription service site specializing in interview transcription and podcast transcription services.


8 Tips and Suggestions for research candidates and students looking to using a Typing Service

In our recent post, we discussed the different types of conference calls. In this blog post, we focus on research scholars studying in college universities and will be looking to hire a typing service for transcribing thesis dissertation interviews.

PHD students and scholars are required to make a thesis as a part of their course curriculums. Thesis involves choosing a topic, researching, collating and analyzing data and then presenting the research findings in a compiled version. One of the ways research candidates collect data is by conducting research interviews. A research candidate on an average conduct interviews that range usually runs in hours. These interviews then need to be transcribed by a typing service. Here are top 11 tips and suggestions if you are planning to hire typing services for transcribing audio interviews.


Tips# 1 to 4

Non Disclosure Agreement:

Decide beforehand if the recordings are sensitive or not. If they are, then probably it’s a good idea to ask your typing service to sign a Non disclosure agreement before sending them interview recordings. A NDA will make sure that your audio file is protected against theft. Note: Not all transcription services sign a NDA but also you may not need a NDA at all in the first place.


Make a backup copy of recorded interviews:

As soon as you conduct a research interview, make a backup copy at minimum two places. For example, one could be your PC/Laptop hard drive, the other one could be a CD or cloud storage.  This way, even if you lose the data in your voice recorder, you can depend on the backups that you made and avoid regretting it later. Loosing interview data can be a big loss for a PHD research candidate.

Send a list of questions asked during the interview, commonly used words and reference material to your typing service: In this way, the transcriptionist will be able to acquaint themselves with the nature of the topic, typical words that they might across during the thesis interview and avoid missing them during the audio transcription. It will improve the quality of the resulting transcripts as well. As a result, it will save you lot of time and efforts in then when you receive the interview transcripts and begin proofreading them for accuracy.

Hire a Professional accredited typing service:

There are many options to choose from when hiring a typing service, however it’s not always that PHD research candidates and students are researching and collecting data for their thesis project. One must hire a professional and highly recommended typing service since it will give them reliable services, professional quality transcripts. This will eventually help the research student at the time of compiling research data.


Suggestions # 4 to 8


Clean recordings can make a world of a difference:

Make sure that you take every possible measure to conduct good, clean and audible interviews. A good interview recording contains minimum background noise, is free from external disturbances. Clear audible interviews will help your professional typing service delivery accurate transcripts on time. Also, you end up avoiding extra charges for difficult audios.

Online order and file upload service:

Choose a transcription service that gives you the facility of placing online orders, payments and file upload directly to the servers. This will ensure ease and will save your time monitoring transcription orders.

MP3 is better than WAV:

A very important suggestion. Set the recording format to Mp3 in your voice recorder at a suggested bitrate setting of 128Kbps or maximum 192Kpbs.We do not suggest WAV as a format because WAV recording take a huge amount of space for the same length of recording done in MP3. This in turn leads to storage problems and also it will take a lot of time to upload audio files to your transcribing services servers.  Mp3 recordings produce great quality recordings at half the size compared to WAV and is highly recommended.

Choose a quick turnaround transcription service:

Some typing service services offer turnaround times of 7 days to 2 weeks at lower prices. Avoid these and instead spend more for a quicker turnaround time. This will give you sufficient time for proofreading or making necessary changes to your interview transcripts.


Typing services play a small yet an important role when a PHD candidate or a research student is preparing a thesis or a dissertation.  A professional  online transcriber will play an important role during the transcription professional. Be sure to hire a quality and reliable typing service, it will save a lot of time and efforts later on during when reviewing interview transcripts.

Types of conference calls

What is Conference call? It is a telephonic call in which many participants join in. The minimum number of participants is 3 or more.  In an audio conference, usually one speaker speaks at a time and other participants are in listen only mode.  For participating in the call, one needs to dial a specific number. After that call operator connects the participant to the event. Conference Calls (CC) are used by businesses for conducing pan country sales meets, discussing business strategies, declaring financial results to investors, conducting research and surveys and conducting branch meetings.

Cisco conference

Cisco Video Conference

Types of Conference calls: CC’s can be categorized into audio type or video type. Audio conference calls can be subdivided into the following categories:

Operator Assisted conference call: In this type of call, operators are assigned who facilitate the call by recording details about the incoming caller, the time at which the participants exited the call, number of participant etc. They are also responsible for connecting the callers to the conference. Besides this they also are responsible for configuring the operation of the call which saves the initiator of the call a significant amount of time.  These type of calls are usually much more expensive compared to other kinds. However since a operator is assigned to do the non-core jobs, the productivity of such calls is much higher.

The calls are most popularly used in big businesses and events where number of participants is likely to be more than 10.

Key features:

  1. Introduction and closing by Operator
  2. Roll call attendance
  3. Participant Screening
  4. Moderated Q&A Session
  5. Declaring Poll results
  6. Important announcements
  7. Music on hold
  8. Custom introductory message.

Operator Dialled: In this type of call, the operator will call to each individual speaker and add them to the call. In the previous example, the caller will join the call by calling a specific number given in advance. A PIN or a access password is provided which needs to be entered.  In an OD call, the technical platform is much simpler in such that it does not require a password authentication. Besides the call remains secure and the operator confirms the identity of the caller before adding them to the meeting.

Key Features:

  1. Operator dials out to the participants.
  2. Operator can record minutes of meeting.
  3. Make important announcements.
  4. Maintain call logs
  5. Comparatively lesser expenses.
  6. Music on hold

Meetme Conference: Is a standard multi-participant conference call will allows maximum of 6 participants to join without the need of an operator.  Avaya Meetme conference calls are popular among university groups and departments for conducting inhouse seminar-conference meets.

Customizable options - Meetme conference

Customizable options –  Meetme setup pad

Three Way Conference calls: In a 3-Way conference call, the maximum number of people who can participate cannot be more than 3. It is best suited for organizing small meetings, discussions held occasionally.  This kind of option is also very popular among individual groups for calling friends and families and taking an additional member in call loop. Of all the types of calls, this is the least expensive option. Communication providers such as At&T,Verizon, Roger’s Wireless, Telus Mobility, Amcom Australia etc.

Scheduled Conference calls: In thin kind one needs to make necessary arrangements with a service provider before hand. The time of the conference, the date, number of participants, their contact number, the need of an operator etc are discussed. Then depending on the requirement a password or a PIN may be generated which is then given all the speakers. Speakers can then log on to the call at the specified date and time of meeting.

On-demand conference:  Commonly used by businesses, its perfect for holding an urgent meeting, discussing business strategies, financial results with investors or taking care of an important business matter.  These type of calls are popular in medical industry where a doctor might need to consult other specialists for discussing patients case. One main advantage of it is that one need not commit to subscription based plans. Though if the estimated requirements are huge, then this will prove to be an expensive strategy.

Web conferencing: Also called as Internet conferencing uses the IP or VOIP (Voice over Internet protocol) for establishing web based conferences. Web conferences can be free or paid for video and audio type. VoIP’s hold a significant advantage when it comes to prices. On a regular telephone call one needs to pay the long distance charges. On VoIP no such costs are incurred. One needs to have a suitable internet connection which can connect the users. There are many free and paid options available. Businesses have started using free option such as Skype, Google Voice conference etc. as an alternative in order to cut down on costs. These platforms offer good quality voice calls, video chats and recording with the necessary security and backend support.

4 Free Conference calls:, Rondee, Wiggio, Google Voice conference, Google+ hangout, Yahoo Voices, Uberconferences and Skype.

List of common problems faced during conference calls:

  1. Background Noise
  2. Call Drops
  3. Unable to join conference
  4. Call setup problem
  5. Adding Mutliple Participants
  6. Voice Clarity
  7. Echo
  8. Music volume

Transcription services of conference : Some companies provide additional services of transcribing a conference call. Also termed as conference call transcription, it is basically the process of typing out what the participants are speaking into verbatim word transcripts. The job is done by a professional transcriber who types, proofreads and complies the text into a word document.  The rates for such services depends on the turnaround required. For rush turnaround, the cost of transcribing 1 hour of audio is around $120 charged at US$2 per minute.  Slower tat of 3 days or more are usually the least expensive and costs in the price bracket of $60 to $90.

Benefits of Audio transcripts:

  1.  Transcripts can be submitted to individual speakers.
  2. Word texts are quicker to read than listening to the entire audio session.
  3. Useful for adding to the archives
  4. SEO and Digital marketing: Text assists in marketing as they are much easier to be crawled by search engine crawlers.

Tips for a quality conference call:

  1. For participants more than 15 in number, choose an operator assisted conference call.
  2. If using Web conferences, make sure all the participants have broadband speed connections.
  3. Schedule the time and date after each person’s agreement.
  4. Generate PIN’s for each speaker. Distribute the Passwords 24 hours before the  schedule time of the meeting.
  5. For saving on long distance calls, use VoIP.
  6. Transcribe and archive conference calls wherever possible.
  7. Recording conference calls is a Must!
  8. Transcripts should be accurate without any typing errors.
  9. Use a Polycom device for table conferences.
  10. Big businesses should invest in buying their own call bridges for saving costs on the long run.

Google+ Hangout and Google Voice as a free conference service: Did you Google provides its own conferencing services free of cost. Google voice can accept a maximum of 4 participants (including the admin). The quality and stability of Google voice is excellent and one can enjoy secure transmissions without any hiccups.  Rates start at 2 cent per minute for India mobiles and goes upto 15 cents for Mexico mobile calls. Some added benefits are voicemail transcription, personalized greetings, ability to block users and support for android based apps.


Summary:  Bell labs first developed the raw version of audio conferencing back in the 1956. The device was called a Picturephone.  It contained a screen; the whole system was the size of a room. However the system was difficult to operate. A few years later AT&T worked out better systems and the evolution of conference systems began.

For small businesses and individual users such as researchers, students, authors, podcasters, news agencies conferencing plays a critical role in generating content, ideas and business leads. Which type of conference is best suited for ones requirements simply depends on – Number of participants, additional facilities one requires and the budget.  For most of the times, 3 way calling or web based conference calls should suffice.

About the Author:  George Wong is a professional online transcriber working in the field of medical and general transcription for the past 6 years. He specializes in general transcription work such as transcribing audio interviews, digital mp3 media, news reports, sermons, captions, subtitles etc. George wrote the article as a quick guide for those looking for a conferencing service but are not sure about the options available in the market. His personal motto in life is – A healthy mind is the center of the universe.  We recommend reading one of his earlier articles which provides tips on hiring a transcription company.

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