Why You Need To Transcribe a Keynote

A Keynote speech is a professional way of interacting with large masses. A keynote speaker identifies the type of audience which is going to be the part of the program and prepares accordingly. Unlike other speakers, he aims to deliver his speech in a conversational tone. This is done to avoid any kind of monotony among the individuals present there. For the purpose of expressing a particular topic before audience for a specified period of time, the speakers charge hefty amounts from them. However, people don’t mind paying such amounts as they are given an opportunity to hear motivational speeches from their favorite speakers.

Reason Behind The Transcription Of Keynote Speeches

Have you considered converting audio into text? The dictionary word for conversion of speech into text is ‘Transcription’ or ‘Transcribe’ . Transcribing can prove to be a great idea because of the following reasons:

Easy to read typed version

Transcription means the conversion of an audio or video into an easy readable word document. If you have missed some part of the speech or were not able to attend the whole keynote speech, you can buy its transcribed version to counterbalance the loss. The transcript stored can be accessed by the audience as well as the speaker anytime they want.

Easy to store transcript

It is easy and convenient to store a transcript as per your preferences. With the help of transcript, a proper record of your speech is also maintained. You can transfer it in your pen drive, tablet, smartphone with respect to your interests.

Put text on your website

Most of the keynote speakers have their official websites to create cordial relationships with their audiences. They can stay updated by putting the transcribed portion of their speech online to keep people people’s interests alive.

Easy to refer back and forth

There may be situations when keynote speakers initiate to improve their present work by analyzing their past records. By considering their previous works, they can become successful in improving their current speeches.

How To Transcribe an audio? The most convenient way is hiring an accurate online transcription company. Alternatively, one can transcribe the audio by themselves with them help of a transcription software. If typing speed is a concern then it’s best left to the professional typing service companies.

Types Of Keynote Speakers

There are 4 types of keynote speakers which have been mentioned as follows:

Generalists: Generalist, as the name suggests, is known for communicating with the audience on general issues.

Gurus: Gurus are scientific experts who deliver already prepared reports in an efficacious manner. They can be interpreted as well informed speakers rather than motivators.

Organizational Executives: These business executive are present for conducting corporate training. Be it about introduction of a unique product or implementation of a strategy, you can feel free to invite these executives for achieving your organizational objectives.

Advocates: They prove to be the best among the above mentioned categories. They don’t work for free and possess the capability to deliver any kind of speech from motivational to corporate level.

Keynote Speakers worth mentioning

Notable Keynote Speakers Of Canada

Barb Fry: Barb Fry makes sure that the presentations are delivered with higher levels of energy, so that the listeners stay physically and mentally present in the event.

Bill Carr: Bill Carr possesses the capability to deliver serious messages in a light manner. The words used by him force the audience to see the hidden meaning behind their life.

Carol Lesbriel: Carol Lesbriel is an inspirational keynote speaker who helps individuals in redefining their personal and organization objectives.


Notable Keynote Speakers Of Australia

Toni Fitzgerald: Toni Fitzgerald is known for delivering corporate speeches, which are shared interestingly with the audience.

Dr. Adam Fraser: Dr. Adam Fraser is involved in coaching and training people in different areas.

Bettina Arndt: Being a motivational speaker, Bettina Arndt has become successful in building her own brand across the globe.

Siimon Reynolds: Siimon Reynolds is a highly skilled entrepreneur and professional keynote speaker.


Notable Keynote Speakers Of UK

Among the best keynote speakers of UK, some of them are mentioned as follows:

Adrian Webster: Adrian Webster is known for inspiring individuals to give innovative outputs in a different manner.

Allan Pease: Allan Pease is considered to be a motivational speaker who throws light on various success mantras in a light manner.

Amy Williams: Amy Williams, being a gold medalist in 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, tends to be a speaker who specializes in delivering conversational speeches related to sports, teamwork, motivation, leadership etc. If you have always wanted to have an impressive personality, hearing to this speaker at least once becomes a must for you.


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Posted on: 20 March, 2015


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