8 Tips and Suggestions for research candidates and students looking to using a Typing Service

In our recent post, we discussed the different types of conference calls. In this blog post, we focus on research scholars studying in college universities and will be looking to hire a typing service for transcribing thesis dissertation interviews.

PHD students and scholars are required to make a thesis as a part of their course curriculums. Thesis involves choosing a topic, researching, collating and analyzing data and then presenting the research findings in a compiled version. One of the ways research candidates collect data is by conducting research interviews. A research candidate on an average conduct interviews that range usually runs in hours. These interviews then need to be transcribed by a typing service. Here are top 11 tips and suggestions if you are planning to hire typing services for transcribing audio interviews.


Tips# 1 to 4

Non Disclosure Agreement:

Decide beforehand if the recordings are sensitive or not. If they are, then probably it’s a good idea to ask your typing service to sign a Non disclosure agreement before sending them interview recordings. A NDA will make sure that your audio file is protected against theft. Note: Not all transcription services sign a NDA but also you may not need a NDA at all in the first place.


Make a backup copy of recorded interviews:

As soon as you conduct a research interview, make a backup copy at minimum two places. For example, one could be your PC/Laptop hard drive, the other one could be a CD or cloud storage.  This way, even if you lose the data in your voice recorder, you can depend on the backups that you made and avoid regretting it later. Loosing interview data can be a big loss for a PHD research candidate.

Send a list of questions asked during the interview, commonly used words and reference material to your typing service: In this way, the transcriptionist will be able to acquaint themselves with the nature of the topic, typical words that they might across during the thesis interview and avoid missing them during the audio transcription. It will improve the quality of the resulting transcripts as well. As a result, it will save you lot of time and efforts in then when you receive the interview transcripts and begin proofreading them for accuracy.

Hire a Professional accredited typing service:

There are many options to choose from when hiring a typing service, however it’s not always that PHD research candidates and students are researching and collecting data for their thesis project. One must hire a professional and highly recommended typing service since it will give them reliable services, professional quality transcripts. This will eventually help the research student at the time of compiling research data.


Suggestions # 4 to 8


Clean recordings can make a world of a difference:

Make sure that you take every possible measure to conduct good, clean and audible interviews. A good interview recording contains minimum background noise, is free from external disturbances. Clear audible interviews will help your professional typing service delivery accurate transcripts on time. Also, you end up avoiding extra charges for difficult audios.

Online order and file upload service:

Choose a transcription service that gives you the facility of placing online orders, payments and file upload directly to the servers. This will ensure ease and will save your time monitoring transcription orders.

MP3 is better than WAV:

A very important suggestion. Set the recording format to Mp3 in your voice recorder at a suggested bitrate setting of 128Kbps or maximum 192Kpbs.We do not suggest WAV as a format because WAV recording take a huge amount of space for the same length of recording done in MP3. This in turn leads to storage problems and also it will take a lot of time to upload audio files to your transcribing services servers.  Mp3 recordings produce great quality recordings at half the size compared to WAV and is highly recommended.

Choose a quick turnaround transcription service:

Some typing service services offer turnaround times of 7 days to 2 weeks at lower prices. Avoid these and instead spend more for a quicker turnaround time. This will give you sufficient time for proofreading or making necessary changes to your interview transcripts.


Typing services play a small yet an important role when a PHD candidate or a research student is preparing a thesis or a dissertation.  A professional  online transcriber will play an important role during the transcription professional. Be sure to hire a quality and reliable typing service, it will save a lot of time and efforts later on during when reviewing interview transcripts.


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