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I read a great article recently by Michael Haederie titled Just Breathe: Confirming Meditation’s Benefits.  I even tweeted it because it is revolutionary in that it explains meditation through science. If you are a regular of my blog then you know I do not follow much of anything on blind faith. Even when it comes to concepts like God, Karma and the Afterlife, I feel science is very capable of explaining and even proving these concepts unlike religion that spews dogma and teaches blind faith. By the way, I am not an atheist…

A very comprehensive study led by neuroscientist Clifford Saron, meditation researcher Richard Davidson and psychologist Daniel Goleman (among other notables) was conducted and recently completed at UC Davis in California. It involved a study which monitored the brains, bodies, and behavior of 60 people over the course of several months. These 60 people had to…

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