26 Tips to keep the employees motivated everyday

26 Tips to keep the team members motivated

Employees working in demanding jobs may face extreme pressures and stresses. This results in decreasing motivation levels specially if the stress levels exceed a minimum threshold. So what can managers do to avoid this? Here are 26 tips that will help in reducing stress and increasing general level of happiness among employees:

  1. Respect each team member
  2. Show Patience
  3. Talk to them frequently
  4. Find out the problems they are facing in the workplace
  5. Assist in solving the problem
  6. Keep changing roles
  7. Assign Key responsbilites
  8. Organize Food parties at the workplace
  9. Take the team out for a Movie
  10. Have a logo making competition. Rethink Company’s logo.
  11. Give free Shopping vouchers to each member
  12. Acknowledge the good work
  13. Allow an early leave once a month
  14. Rotate team members
  15. Give a surprise bonus
  16. Organize a Skill enhancement workshop
  17. Have a Employee of the Week Board at the workplace
  18. Conduct performance appraisal once every quarter
  19. Conduct a Gaming competition
  20. Have a magazine and literature section at office
  21. Keep a Coffee vending a machine
  22. Organize a Meditation class during closing hours.
  23. Put up motivation posters on walls
  24. Have an Anonymous suggestion box in the Office
  25. Decorate office for events: Labor day, Mother’s day etc
  26. Hold a blood donation cam

These strategies can by followed by any organizations whether big or small. Some sure results that you will start seeing is

1. Less stress among employees
2. A conducive work culture
3. Increase in Employee Satisfaction Quotient
4. Reduction in attrition rates
5. Better employee and End user contact experience

– By Alltranscript.com Team. Visit Hotfrog profile.


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