Transcribing an interview: Seek a professional transcriber’s help


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In this article, I will be talking about an important part of Interview Transcription Services, Professional transcribers.  What a professional transcriber does? How can they help you in your work? And 3 very important reasons why to hire one.

Hiring a professional transcription service comes at a stage when the interviews have been recorded digitally. Now you may proceed to type the full length interview by yourself, or you may outsource it to someone else, maybe a friend or a professional audio interview transcriber.

What a professional transcriber does? Transcription is a type of a secretarial service playing an important part in administrative work. Its plays a major role in Legal and medical administrative work where transcript of recorded hearings, medical reports and findings is mandatory. A certified transcriber is a typist whose job is to convert audio recordings such as an interview into text by hand.. An expert transcriber can do this in a matter of few hours, though typist with an average typing speed may take 30 to 40 percent more time. To give you a relative idea, on an average, it takes around 4-5 hours for an advance typist to trSpare time imganscribe a hour interview. This time varies according to the quality of the recording, number of speakers in the interview and the rate of speech of the speakers. A focus group recording, seminar or a conference may take up a considerable more time to type than a one-to-one interview.

Professional Transcribers help can be like Gold. If you are person in a job with very little time on your hand, seeking an expert transcriber’s help in interview transcription is highly recommended. Because of fast typing speeds measure in Words per minute, transcribers can do the same work in half the time. For the same reasons, Interview transcription services are commonly used by book writers, journalists, investigators, doctors, psychologists, students and market researchers just to name a few.

Reasons to Hire a Professional for Transcription Job:

1. Save a lot a time: You will definitely save time and probably a lot of it. A person with an average typing speed of 35-40 wpm will spend nearly seven to eight hours transcribing a one hour interview. A professional will do it in half the time. So you can imagine the amount of time saved in typing several hours of recorded material. The time saved can be utilized in other areas of work.

2. Ability to understand accents and difficult audio:  In a conference call, seminar or a focus group interview specially in business environments, not all participants may belong to an English speaking community. In such cases, the speakers may develop an accent which may not be clearly audible by all. For example, an American accent would great differ from an Scottish accent, British accent and a Singaporean Accent. An experienced transcriber would be able to handle all these accents with relatively much ease.

3. Reliability factor: Lastly, there is a reliability factor. When you hire some, you can be sure of getting excellent quality transcripts every time you transcribe an audio. Needless, to a say the service provider has to be excellent.Interview Transcription services-

Conclusion:  I hope this article has highlighted the importance of hiring a professional transcription company or a transcriber’s service.  In summary, saving your precious time and reliability factor will be a key factor in seeking a transcriptionists.

Our Services: If you would like to hire a transcriber to transcribe audio interview recordings, please have a look at our homepage on details of services that we have to offer. We also recommend you to visit our blog and read other articles related to transcription services or visit our Twitter profile.

List of Services offered at Alltranscript:

  • Interview Transcription Services: We transcribe all kind of audios into word transcripts. Typing is hand done by expert and skilled transcribers. Transcripts can be delivered within 24 hours of placing and sending us the files.
  • Podcast Transcription: Podcasters and website owners need to send us the URL to the podcast. We access and if possible download them and begin processing.
  • Audio typing and Video transcribing: We accept all digital formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA and video formats such as 3GP,DAT,AVI,MPG etc.
  • Document Typing Services: We also transcribe documents,letters,books,reading materials,guides,instruction manuals into text formats. Clients can specify their own formats and our transcribers will be happy to follow the same.

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