Transcription Company: 6 important tips to choosing one..

Hiring a transcription company can be quite confusing due to the plethora of transcription service provider. To make your decision making easy, here are 6 important tips you should follow when hiring a transcribing service


Check for Client testimonials: Clients testimonials from diverse backgrounds and sources is a good indicator of a service. For example a transcription service with A++ ratings from a College student, Book Writer, Legal Service Company etc will be a better buy than a few concentrated positive ratings. This indicates that the transcription company is able to serve to a diverse set of customers and is able to meet their requirements.

Tips# Look for credible testimonials.

Tip# PHD Students should look for testimonials from other college students from reputed Universities as Yale, Harvard, California, Texas University etc.

Transcription Outsourcing:  Have you considered outsourcing to a transcription vendor to another city or even to another country. Though benefits you will reap will be primarily on the cost saving side but you may need to be sure that the vendor delivers what they claim to be offering.  There are many typing services that may suit your budget while delivering excellent transcripts.  Some popular transcription outsourcing countries include Philippines, India and South Africa.

Tip: Be sure to ask the transcriber if they would be comfortable with American or British accents.

Local transcription companies: Hiring a local transcription company can be a great idea as it will generate business for the locals.  Local transcription companies can be found in a:

  • Business listing in Yellow pages.
  • Newspaper classified ads.
  • Craigs List
  • Google Local places

Important tip: When hiring a local service provider, try hiring the one located nearest to your office or home. In this way you will be able to save on delivery costs and it will be easier for the transcriber to collect and delivery transcription related material such as CD or a cassette recording. This is highly recommended for Market researchers, local book writers, Psychologists and Research students doing their thesis.

Online Order and File upload: Transcription companies are now shifting their business model to an online one where customers can place an order, make payments securely and transfer the audio mp3 files via a dropbox service.

Online transcription Process

Step 1: Place an order form with your name, contact info

Step 2: Proceed towards payment

Step 3: After payment you will be able to upload the audio recordings to the vendors server.

Step 4: Receive transcript in your Inbox.


Hidden Charges: Hidden charges could be there in the form of 1) Paypal transaction charges, usually around 2 to 4 percent. 2) CD shipping cost 3) Difficult audio quality 4) Multiple speakers in a focus group discussion, online seminar or a business conference call.

It is advised that you specify the nature of the interview recording in terms of number of participants, audio quality, accent of speakers and expected turnaround time to your transcriber for an accurate transcription quote.

Non Disclosure Agreement: Many first time customers who approached us with an enquiry, had asked us specifically if we were willing to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Non-disclosure is an important part of our business proposition and value. So we catered to these requests and abided by them. In my subsequent interactions with our customers, I found an interesting thing. Most of these clients had approached an another transcription company earlier (before finding us) and requested to sign a NDA. However their requests were turned down. This was a clear and simple indication that many online companies offering transcribing services were not sure if they could prevent data theft and store customers data in a secured way.

So, our Tip# 6 would be: If you feel that the data that is recorded is highly sensitive, then always ask a transcription service provider to sign a Non disclosure agreement before placing an order.

Conclusion: I hope these 6 tips have been useful to you and will make your decision making of selecting a good transcription service easier.


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