Steps: Converting Voicemails to Digital Transcripts


What is Voicemail?

Voicemail is a message which gets recorded on the phone when the phone is not answered.

What is Visual Voicemail?

Visual voicemail is a service that gives visual information about the voicemail messages that get recorded. The main features of a visual voicemail is that user is able to read the messages, scroll through the message list and tap on the message which they would like to listen to.

Visual voicemails have a special feature in which the voicemail gets transcribed to text. The service comes with certain limitations. For example Verizon customers are receive transcripts of first 45 seconds of the voice call. Also, one is able to store a maximum of 20 messages and the length of each message can be maximum of 3 minutes.


Sprints Visual Voicemail Avatars

Visual Voicemail Avatars

Sprint is offering a premium services for its voicemail users who will now be able to add avatars or visual characters to their voicemail inbox. When a message is played the chosen avatar reads out the message.

How To Transcribe Voicemails?

Step 1: Transferring the voicemail from Phone to Computer

Steps For iPhone users

If you are an iPhone user then we recommend using an app called iExplorer. The app is simple to use. First download the software to the desktop and install it on the PC. Then connect the iPhone to the PC and run iExplorer. iExplorer will automatically sync with the phone. Click on the ‘Voice Mails’ tab. At this point all the recorded messages will be retrieved. The select the export to PC option and you can transfer the voicemails from the iPhone to PC. The voicemails will be store in .amr format and can be easily players in most audio playback softwares such as VLC, Quicktime, Audacity etc. For complete set of instruction visit the page here.


iExplorer for iPhone

Steps for other mobile phones such as Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Blackberry

For transferring voicemails you will be needing a male-to-male line in jack, a voice recording software called Audacity (compatible with Mac and PC). First connect the line in jack to the phones audio jack and the other end of the male jack to the PC’s line in port. Now launch Audacity. Go to main panel > select “Line in” option. Now play the voice recordings on your phone. The messages will directly get recorded by the software and stored on the computer. Now goto ‘File’ menu in Audacity, select export and save as .MP3. The voicemail has been transferred and stored as .MP3.

The complete list of steps is also give here in detail.

Step 2: Transcribing The Recordings Into Text

Once you have the files in the .AMR format then it needs to be sent to a professional transcription service company which will convert the recorded messages into a transcript. The person who does the typing work is known as a professional transcriber or a professional transcriptionist. One can search for a professional typing service online or via a phone directory. If you are in the Americas and looking for typing services in Canada and USA then we suggest you take a look at this online audio transcription services company operating out of NY, USA.

That’s all for today folks! If you have any suggestions for us then do send us your feedback or type in your comments below. Fore latest updates visit us on AllTranscript WordPress blog.

Transcribing Files For Investigative Journalists


What is Investigative Journalism?

Investigative journalism is a type of journalism in which the journalist would research a particular area of interest in order to uncover facts and truth which otherwise may not be open to public. The reporter usually investigates scandals, corruption in corporate, political news etc. The reporter could spent a lot of time researching the news, gathering facts, verifying information before writing an article on it and getting it published in a newspaper.

Hiring A Professional Typing Service For Transcribing Recording

For investigative journalists looking to transcribe a telephonic conference call, research interviews, video recording or any type digitally recorded audio into text the one can hire the services of a professional transcriber. Professional transcribers can transcribe pretty quickly. Professional transcriber companies charge for every minute of audio to be transcribed. So for example if the company charges $1.50 per minute of audio, to transcribe a 10 minute of recording will cost $15.00.


Tips For Investigation Journalists Looking For Hiring Transcription Company

  • News gathering is an integral part for journalists. And one of the way to do so is by contacting participants and voice recording the conversation after they have given their approval to record the conversation. By the time a journalist completes gather research material it is likely that one will have several recorded interviews as data sets. In order to convert the voice recordings into usable form the interviews can be converted to text by a professional interview transcription service with much ease. This saves a lot of time and efforts
  • Secondly, hire a cheap transcription service such as this one. This will save you ton of money.
  • Thirdly, sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with your transcription company. It will ensure the safety of your digital recordings and make the firm liable to legal action in case the recording get stolen.
  • Invest in a decent quality voice recorder. Voice recorder is an indispensable tool for journalists. So investing well in an capable voice recorder such as one by Olympus, Sony or Phillips will go a long way in recording audio interviews.

We understand the career of a investigative journalist can be a hard one. Infact it is considered to be one of the most difficult types of journalism. Journalists have to investigate stories of political corruption, verify news leaks, go behind the scenes of a scandals and unearth these stories. At every stage of the news gathering they have to be aware of the laws and hope they are not breaking them. Investigate journalists also know as watchdog journalists are often facing risks of getting arrested, trespassing private properties or even losing their lives.

So the lives of an investigative journalist can filled with adventure and risks. They can also be very rewarding as pays for such news tends to be higher.


One of the most well known investigative journalists of all time is Robert Upshur Woodward, popularly known as Bob Woodard. Bob Woodard and his colleague Carl Bernstein broke the Watergate Scandal in the Washington Post which became a breaking story. Bob and Carl won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for their work as investigative journalists.

The Author is transcription firm. The company has been offering audio typing services for journalists since the company was established 8 years ago. AllTranscript encourages journalists to transcribe investigative audio recordings by placing an online order or by placing an order via telephone. The company can also be contacted on Tumblr for any information with regards to the eservices.

11 Reasons Why Business Should Offer Trials

1. Customers can experience firsthand how it is like to work with your team. They get to interact with your sales team, technical assistants and account managers and be more aware of the real life working with a company’s executives.

2. Gives a sneak peek into your addon services. If trial services go well there then companies stand a greater chances of upselling value added services. Research shows that customers are more likely to purchase more products, in the vertical segment. For example, transcription services provides value added services such as proofreading services, document typing services, multiple transcript conversion services, letter typing services and audio book typing services. Most of our customers who trial our services also do use our value add on services.

3. Shows the confidence of your company to offer free trial service. There are two types of trial. One is free trials and the other is paid trials. There is a subliminal marketing message in the company that offer free trials. It tells the customer indirectly that our company has the confidence to offer trail service without charging a penny for it. Also we are confident about our product.

4. Creates transparency. There are lot of companies which do not declare overhead charges, hidden charges etc. As these are kept hidden from the customer, the customer has to bear the extra charges in the form of transaction processing fees, taxes, service charges etc. only at a later stage when they have placed an order. At our company follows a transparent process of placing orders. There are no extra charges or hidden charges in our services.

5. Customers are more likely to convert. Yes this is one of the most important point. Extensive market research shows that clients who have taken a trial service are now far more likely to become a loyal customer. found in its research that 87 percent of a company customers become customers only after taking a trial.

6. First time customers are more likely to try out your services. Another very important reason to include free trials.

7. Increases the customers referrals for your firm. Customers can refer their friends, colleagues to try your services. This way their friends and colleagues get to know your work beforehand and need to take the risk of a word of mouth referral which sometimes can go wrong. For example, our company offers podcast transcription services. So once a podcast has tried our service, then they would refer their colleagues in the podcast blogging industry about us.

8. Gives the customer the confidence to sign a legal contract. At, most of our university clients looking for academic research interview transcription services sign confidentiality contracts with us. Normally what happens is, a client would first sign a legal contract and then proceeding to testing the services. It can be sometimes time consuming to complete the legal formalities when one doesn’t know how the company-customer relationship is going to last or what is the nature of the contractual service. So a free trial will take care of this.

9. Companies very selective in hiring their customers can screen them at this stage of purchase. This is so true at Though we are pretty liberal, but there are times when we do screen out first time customers or impose strict joining terms so as to reduce defaults in payments. Here is an excellent article which examines whether free trials are good or bad.

Trial of services and products should be a part of most consumer businesses. Most well known businesses already do this. Whether you take the perfume manufacturers such as Burberry, Calvin Klein or Coty’s or whether you take the food industry where even a small business such as your local bakery in downtown Manhattan would offer a piece of their signature cookie so that you can taste their product before buying.


The Author: AllTranscript is a general and legal typing service company. The company offers, amongst a variety of addon business solutions such as podcast transcription service, document typing service, letter typing service etc. To know more about the company’s prices visit the typing service rates page. For bulk quotations contact us via us on Tumblr.

Reducing Backlog of Pending Transcripts

Recently Matthew J. Adams a Canadian freelance journalist got in touch with us regarding some video interview files that were to be converted into a transcript. He had approximately 10 hours of video interviews in total which he had to discuss the impact the WICSA conference held in Sydney, Australia. Conference IEEE, CANADA Matthew was supposed to present an article in an online journal magazine on the WICSA conference. The material of the conference would come from the video interviews. So as soon as he completed the interviews he started converting them to digital text. However due to busy schedule he was able to transcribe only a couple of hours of video. As the deadline approached he was surprised to see the backlog of transcripts that had accumulated.

Matthew describes the situation, “Well I literally started to have an heart attack when I found out the deadline was just 1 week away and I had a huge, huge, huge backlog. It was obvious that I would not be able to do the transcription work by myself. So immediately went to Bing and searched for an online transcription service which could do the work for me. And that is how I found your team at” Matthew needed a professional who could transcribe the video seminar into text. He needed a super quick turnaround on the digital files.

And that’s when our team of transcriptionists here at got started to work on the project. We immediately distributed the files among our team members and got to transcribing. And we delivered all the 8 hours of video seminar transcripts back to Matthew in 4 days of receiving the files.

Needless to say Matthew was more than happy. He called us on the phone and said “The transcripts were just awesome. Thank you so much guys. You won’t believe how much work pressure this has taken off from me. I will definitely be needing your services again. And I have some colleagues to whom I will be recommending your services…”

That made our day. Knowing that our online services are helping people to complete their jobs gives us a little bit of pride in our job. We understand the typing can be a daunting job. And if time is not on your side then it would be outsource typing service to a third party. Here is a typing company which is accurate and trustworthy for it genuine work. We can also recommend tips to freelance journalists looking to transcribe video meetings: Top 5 tips Tip# 1: Hire a professional typist for transcribing video seminars greater than 1 hour.

Tip# 2: Avoid transcribing urgent press releases by yourself.

Tip# 3: Store all transcripts into a cloud storage platform. Backup all the transcripts onto Google Drive, Sky Drive or also provides extra facility to store transcripts on their web server

Tip# 4: Never keep private and confidential word doc transcripts in a pen drive or third party portable storage media device.

Tip# 5: Make your transcription service vendor sign a non disclosure agreement. The NDA put the onus and makes them legally liable of digital theft in case the news leak happens from the contracted vendor. We hope you guys found the information useful. Do send us your tips to our website, or, give us your feedback in the comments section below. And we will get back to you soon.

Resources and Links:

  • Resources and links to visit: Name of Author: Transcription Services.
  • Official blog of ATS:
  • WICSA Conference, 2015: To be held at Montréal, CANADA. Visit the official site of WICSA at

Content Creation Tips for Boring Industry and Niches

Conduct Interviews To Create Boring Industry Content.

Content creation for a non-interesting industries can be an incredibly tough task. Now there are three main problems that a content marketer will face when generating new pieces of content for a company’s blog or the company’s website. These three common problems are:

Content Problem#1: How to generate topic ideas for Boring Industry on a regular basis.

Content Problem#2: Where to look for content inspiration.

Content Problem#3: How to turn ‘boring content’ to something that is ‘interesting’ and ‘Shareable’.

Solution to Problem #1: Let’s take an example of a LED board sign maker catering to say a local region of Auckland, New Zealand. Managing the company’s blog can be a difficult one. The initial topic that go in the blog are easy to decide. But after the first 20 blog posts blog managers will tend to run out of topic ideas. Here is what you can do when such a situation happens:

  1. Think of topic ideas based on your business processes. Processes include manufacturing processes, marketing, distribution, the HR team and the engineering teams etc. Create individual articles for each of the processes and discuss what innovations you the processes are bringing to the market.
  2. Create a list of guides. For example: A guide on DIY LED project for Christmas. A guide to making solar powered LED boards for rural areas.
  3. Put up company whitepapers. Whitepaper are a authoritative source of information. They present a good opportunity for a company to showcase domain knowledge and industry expertise. For example, a white paper on new LED technologies can be a good whitepaper topic to post on your blog or directly onto a company’s homepage.
  4. Conduct telephonic interviews, conference calls and webinars with market leaders, consultants and industry experts. Upload the interview and conference calls onto the website blog. Be sure to add an interview transcript in the page. Search engines prefer text version of an audio and rank them better compared to an audio interview. The audio interviews can be converted to text with the help of an interview transcription service.

Solution to Problem #2: Where to look for content inspiration?

  • Pinterest: Pinterest is an excellent way to generate lots of topic ideas. Search for ideas and projects that are of parallel interest of yours. For example, an LED board maker can find lots of homemade DIY projects. The company can get in touch with the makers of the projects and showcase them on their blogs. Or, one can review the projects on the blog.
  • Etsy: Etsy is an online market place which focuses on selling handmade and vintage items. Many of the items being sold on Etsy are made by artists from their homes. Even if your business is from a niche industry there is a high chance you will still find some product inspiration there. You can also endorse a product if you like or offer a seller to list their product on your site or become a wholesaler.
  • Social Media: Twitter and Facebook. Find out what content from your industry niche is going viral on social media. Review the piece of content that is going viral and present the reviews as citations in an eBook guide.
  • Local Newspapers and Industry Magazines are another good source for topic generation.

Solution to Problem #3: How to turn boring content into something that is shareable and exciting?

Well this the ultimate goal of any digital content marketer. The best strategy is to use a mixture of ‘Smart Content’ and Interactive media. Some of these are:

  1. Use lots of Infographics: Infographics have a level of appeal that which catches users attentions very easily. Plus these are highly shareable and likeable. Visitors usually like visual graphics in the form of images or video as a mode of presentation. Reading is the last option when it comes to interest. Hence infographics can play an excellent role in making a content piece go viral, shareable and likeable.
  2. Use VLogs: VLog or Video logs are a short videos. You can create a series of VLog on a particular niche topic. These can them be uploaded onto a blog or the official YouTube Channel.
  1. Switch to ‘Smart Content’: Smart Content is content which adapts to the visitors action on a web page. Here is an example of ‘Smart Content’: A website which uses Smart Content will use adaptive fonts and colors. So let’s say a prospect visits the website for the first time then the adaptive content will show relatively smaller fonts on the first few pages. When the visitor visits the website for the second time then the fonts sizes automatically increases to direct their attention to Buy Order pages. Similarly the text can be made adaptive. The Call To Actions (CTAs) can become more persuasive as the visitor drills deeper into the website.

Important SEO Tip: Remember to always transcribe these Video Logs and attach the audio transcript onto the page of concern.

About the Author: The article is presented by provides accurate typing services to journalists, businesses and churches.

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Safeguard Confidential Transcripts

As a transcription service company has to lots of transcribe digital materials for it’s  clients. Some of these materials go live on TV as subtitle and closed captions. And some of these materials go live on our clients websites such as radio stations and podcasters who need transcription services. However a lot of our clients who are market researchers, State police departments, private investigators and financial service providers need confidential transcription.

What is a confidential transcription? Simply put the service provider is not allowed to shared the transcribed content with anyone. Usually they are bound a by a legal document which prescribes the guidelines to be followed when transcribing confidential files. For example, we the vendor is required to safely store the digital recordings when in their possession. After the transcription the transcripts are to be safely store. They are not to be shared with anyone or shared with anyone or to any platform or space without the clients consent. The transcription vendor is required to destroy all materials in their possession after the project has been completed. All these clauses are compiled into a legal document which is known as a Non Disclosure Agreement or NDA which we as a transcription company sign with our clients. It is a written promise by us that we will keep all materials safe while it is in our possession.

Keeping the transcripts safe is a very important to us as we have to make sure that the transcripts do not get leaked out to unauthorized persons. So we follow a set of procedures which help in keeping our clients files safe with us when the project is running.

Here are 5 ways in which we safeguard transcripts in our office:

  1. Digital files, recorded cassette tapes containing confidential material is kept in password protected computers.
  2. The computers on which materials are stored are given no access to internet so that the chances of a virus attack or privacy attacks are not there.
  3. Transfer of files inside the office using pen drives and external disks is strictly prohibited. All transfers between computers is done via LAN.
  4. Computers and servers are free from any malwares, adwares and viruses.
  5. We prefer to use Gmail for submitting transcript directly to their email. Gmail is the most secured email service and best suited for our and clients needs.

AllTranscript’s 4 Recommendations to clients on safeguarding confidential digital documents:

  1. Avoid storing transcripts in removable and portable storage media.
  2. Store transcripts on a cloud storage service such as, Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive or Apple’s iCloud.
  3. Enable two step verification on your email service provider if available. Transcripts are send as attachments to clients and remain in their inbox for days. Some clients use email to back up work. So email logins and should be kept highly secure.
  4. Put all the research material or recorded materials in a password protected folder. This software will efficiently password protect your folders and take care of sensitive date.

When transcribing an audio recording such as a meeting, press release or an interview, you can give instruction to the transcription company about not identifying the interviewees name in the audio transcript. This way it keeps the participant details secure in case of an hack or misplacement. Here is a example of how an audio transcript looks like with interviewer and interviewees name mentioned in side columns.

We hope you guys found the article useful. Remember safeguarding sensitive data such as research materials and digital recordings is most crucial. Keep your belonging safe both in the real world and in the digital world.

About the author: is a web based transcription company with global services. AllTranscript offers a complete range of transcription services. The company’s vision is to extend accurate services of speech to text conversion throughout the world in universities, courts, churches, big corporate and small businesses without charging too much for it. For more interesting articles visit our blog at Thanks!

What Makes One Typing Service Better Than Another?

Typing service is a hugely competitive business these days. As a result services are beginning to transition into new service offerings. : For example companies which specialize in transcription of dissertation thesis recordings are now offering medical transcription services as well.

Now, there are hundreds companies offering everything from general transcription to specialized services such as document transcription, legal transcription and medical transcription. Due to the high influx of providers, companies are forced to opt for a business model which provides ‘value to the customer’ instead of charging a premium. There was time when companies would charge 500 dollars just for transcribing one hour of audio. Now the transcription rates have become affordable and the competition has brought typing services within everyone’s reach.

Typing services online

Geo-location is not a problem anymore. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a typing service in the UK or in Australia, you would definitely find it hard to choose one service company as there are so many options now.

So how does one zero in on a transcriptionist? Basically, what makes one typing service better than the other?

Well, here are some points that one could consider in order to differentiate between the competition and separate the cream from the rest.

Services Are Competing More And More On Rates: Nowadays, to transcribe 1 hour of video will cost you upwards of $50. Probably more. The average rates are now hovering at $1.50/minute fast transcription. However if you are lucky you can transcribe the audio recordings for much less provided you find someone who would do it for less. is one such transcription company. A few years back, companies would charge thrice the amount to what they are charging. Thanks to the competition providers have been forced to curtail their charges and offer it at nominal rates.

Tip: charges only $1.10/minute of audio transcription. And their services are highly accurate and convenient.

Better service to the customers: Customers are being given faster response times in terms of service. A few years ago transcriptionists would be available via a phone only. Now transcribers are available instantly via platforms such as Google Chat, Social Media, Twitter and Facebook, and SMS, besides being a Phone call away.

Companies are competing on innovation: For example, recently a UK based transcription company launched an Android based App which allows conference call users to directly record and send the audio to the company as soon as the conference call gets over. It makes transcription work so much easier.

Here is another example. Transcription companies are now working with manufacturers of voice recorders in order to make their services totally integrated. For instance, one can use a special voice recorder in which after the recording session is complete would automatically send the recording directly to the company for transcribing. Isn’t this wonderful?

Companies are competing on Quality: Customers choose between companies based on the accuracy of the transcripts they receive. Here at quality is the Number# 1 priority. This is one area which we cannot compromise on. Customers need accurately transcribed documents especially hospitals, clinical researchers, medical personals, doctors and therapists.

Companies are expanding their service: Companies are transitioning completing their suite of offerings by including general, legal and medical transcription as part and parcel of their business portfolio. Businesses transitioning to medical transcription are making themselves HIPAA compliant so as to offer typing services in the UK and US and to the rest of the world where HIPAA compliance is a necessity.

About the author: is a online company which primarily provides typing services in countries such as the UK and British Isles. All typing is done by a team of transcriptionists with years of experience behind their back. The team is able to transcribe difficult Scottish accents, British accents and even international Asian accents with great accuracy.

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

~ Damon Richards

AllTranscript Dictation Service Keeps Text Transcripts Secure

Keeping audio and video transcripts secure is the number one priority at Clients who use our book dictation service send us book dictation files which are to be kept secured during transcription. So here at our team of transcribers follows series of stringent steps to make sure that our transcripts safe from hackers and harmful viruses and Trojans from getting into the system.

1. Keeping email conversations secured: Most of the conversation between us and clients now happens on email. We do also take phone calls and attend client meetings on Skype, WebEx. All these electronic mediums are communication are by themselves pretty secure. Our preferred email client is Gmail by far. Why? Because it is very easy to use, safe to add attachments and very responsive.

Tips For Keeping Email Conversations Secured:
A. Use a well known email service provider such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo. Signup for their business services which allows mapping of a personal domain email address onto, Gmail or Yahoo. For example if your domain address is and your professional email id is, then you could sign up for a Gmail business account and then use Gmail services while keeping the same email address which is!

B. Scan for virus and Trojans when downloading and before uploading critical documents and files. We use an antivirus software by the name of ESET Nod 32. It’s a very powerful software and has kept our systems virus free for years now. Plus it is pretty affordable. We highly recommend using this antivirus for retail or large organizations.

C. Enable two step password verification for changing email passwords.

2. Safe Storage Of Audio And Video Files:
As a transcription service we receive lots of audio and video files for transcribing into text. These files are usually conference calls, meetings, interviews, thesis dissertation recordings, Skype calls etc. which are to be transcribed, proofread and then compiled into a word document before being sent out to the client. Moreover we are legally liable after signing a Non Disclosure Agreement with our clients. Hence we take extra measure to safe store all these digital files.

Some of the these critical steps are:

A. Add passwords to folders in which audio files are stored.
B. Add passwords to pen drives, external hard drives which are used to transferring media files from one computer system to another.
C. Limited internet access to critical computer systems so as to prevent leakage.

3. Using A Reliable Courier Service: also provides academic transcription services to America, Canadian, Australian and British universities. The service of transcribing thesis and dissertation interviews sometimes requires that the clients sends us the cassette tapes for transcribing into text. We recommend our clients to use well knows courier services for critical transcriptions such as audio dictations for example. These are Fedex Canada, Purolator for Canada, DHL for Singapore, US etc. and Smartsend, Australia.

4. Antivirus: Discussed earlier in point number 2. We have an excellent antivirus installed on all of our laptop and desktop systems. We make sure all of our computers are virus free by regularly running full antivirus checks and updating the antivirus database on a routine basis.

5. Adding passwords to MS Documents: Super critical and private transcripts can be secured by adding a password and a digital signature to the document. When a client requests us to

6. Deletion of audio/video files:
After the transcription project is complete we delete the dictation files completely from our system as it is no longer required. So once it is deleted the is no chance of any mis-usage. We do store the transcripts with us for a certain period of time. All these are stored on our cloud storage platform offered by Amazon and Microsoft.

About the Author: is an English audio international typing services company where universities can transcribe thesis and dissertation interviews at economical rates. We also offer university transcription services to Lecturers, PhD candidate students, Assistant professors and to university research students. Rush transcription service is also available and we are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. To read more interesting articles visit

What Does A Transcriber Do In His Day To Day Life

Hello Readers,

The profession of a transcriptionist maybe a tiring one in the initial phases of one’s career. Constantly typing on the keyboard and listening to digital materials and even cassette tapes may not be every ones forte. However once a person is able to adapt and grow into this then there is no turning back. And it’s a rich rewarding experience.

So how does a professional transcriber go about spending his day at work? A transcriptionist is a person who has to type out spoken speech into text by listening to it. This transcription job involves lot of typing.

A professional transcriptionist hired by a transcription company can transcribe mp3/wav interview recordings into text anywhere from 45 minutes of an audio to 90 minutes of an audio in one day alone. In contrast people with average typing speeds or non professionals are able to transcribe half that length in twice or usually three times the days.The typing job involves being on the computer for very long hours, and of course lots of rewinding and pausing. Transcribers use a software which is called a transcription software. The software is a misnomer in the sense that it does not transcribe the audio by itself but it only assists the typist in their job. How? A transcription software like Express Scribe (by NCH software), one loads the audio or the video that is to be transcribed into the software. So with the help of the software the typist can vary the playback speed of the audio so that it matches his or her typing speed.

Note that not all transcribers would need to work on a keyboard. Legal transcriptionists work on a special form of a keyboard which has inbuilt shorthand capabilities. So in court room hearing or a deposition hearing for example, the legal transcriptionist is able to transcribe nearly instantaneously. It’s important that there is no lag since court room depositions and court room hearing might be needed to be transcribed on a rush basis and the defendants, the lawyers, jury and the prosecutors might not be willing to wait for late delivery of legal transcripts. Rates for legal transcription vary on either a per minute basis or a per line/word basis.


Many transcription services are offering what are called home based transcription jobs. The typist can be located anywhere in the world and could be working from the comfort of their homes. The only equipments need for one to get going is a good internet speed, a transcription foot pedal, transcription software and 24×7 availability. 24×7 availability is crucial for rush typing with fast delivery and turnaround times. How Does Lynda Spend Her Day Transcribing?

Lynda M, a transcriber by profession works at an Australian transcription service. She is a home based freelancer and a mom of 2 children. Although she works for a Melbourne based company however she resides in Ohio, US. How? Thanks to the internet!

We asked her how does she spend her day at work (which is at her home of course). Lynda said “I get up in the morning and do the basic chores of the household. Afterword at around 8 or 9 AM I check my emails to see if I have received any transcription work from my company. When I receive a file for audio transcription I start working on the files immediately. Then after the audio conversion to text has been completed I then submit the files back to the company.

Enjoy Your Work

I spend about 6-8 hours, sometimes more depending on the work load and the quality of the audio files. Some audio files are easy to transcribe as they are noise free recordings. And some are hard due to backgrounds noises and even the Australian accent. So these type of files takes me an extra hour or two.” And We Asked Her What About Her Free Time?

She replied “Well, I usually am able to finish my work by 5 PM. And then I am free. I don’t work on Sundays. Sometimes I might be busy on Saturdays as well if some household emergency comes up. I email my employer and tell them about the urgency. And they usually are soft on this issue. So I am easily able to manage a work day off when needed in an emergency situation or things that I have to attend to outside of my work schedule.”

Health Issues A Concern
Lynda told us that she loved her job so much. But she did have on concern which was her health. She is worried that sitting on the computer for long hours on stretches might not be good for her neck and lower spine region. Also long typing means using excessive hand movement (which could result in Carpal Tunnel eventually) in a particular way. So she is looking at alternative forms of exercise and health rejuvenation such as Yoga, breathing exercises, Pilates and the every green home based power exercises to keep her going at her work.
We talked to Lynda on her future plans which we’ll cover in the later blog posts. It was absolutely wonderful to talk to Lynda and we will definitely be catching with her soon.

If you have been reading this article and have something to say, comment or give any views. Feel free to get in touch with us at our website the link to which is below.

Thanks and see you guys soon. Transcription Service.

Why You Need To Transcribe a Keynote

A Keynote speech is a professional way of interacting with large masses. A keynote speaker identifies the type of audience which is going to be the part of the program and prepares accordingly. Unlike other speakers, he aims to deliver his speech in a conversational tone. This is done to avoid any kind of monotony among the individuals present there. For the purpose of expressing a particular topic before audience for a specified period of time, the speakers charge hefty amounts from them. However, people don’t mind paying such amounts as they are given an opportunity to hear motivational speeches from their favorite speakers.

Reason Behind The Transcription Of Keynote Speeches

Have you considered converting audio into text? The dictionary word for conversion of speech into text is ‘Transcription’ or ‘Transcribe’ . Transcribing can prove to be a great idea because of the following reasons:

Easy to read typed version

Transcription means the conversion of an audio or video into an easy readable word document. If you have missed some part of the speech or were not able to attend the whole keynote speech, you can buy its transcribed version to counterbalance the loss. The transcript stored can be accessed by the audience as well as the speaker anytime they want.

Easy to store transcript

It is easy and convenient to store a transcript as per your preferences. With the help of transcript, a proper record of your speech is also maintained. You can transfer it in your pen drive, tablet, smartphone with respect to your interests.

Put text on your website

Most of the keynote speakers have their official websites to create cordial relationships with their audiences. They can stay updated by putting the transcribed portion of their speech online to keep people people’s interests alive.

Easy to refer back and forth

There may be situations when keynote speakers initiate to improve their present work by analyzing their past records. By considering their previous works, they can become successful in improving their current speeches.

How To Transcribe an audio? The most convenient way is hiring an accurate online transcription company. Alternatively, one can transcribe the audio by themselves with them help of a transcription software. If typing speed is a concern then it’s best left to the professional typing service companies.

Types Of Keynote Speakers

There are 4 types of keynote speakers which have been mentioned as follows:

Generalists: Generalist, as the name suggests, is known for communicating with the audience on general issues.

Gurus: Gurus are scientific experts who deliver already prepared reports in an efficacious manner. They can be interpreted as well informed speakers rather than motivators.

Organizational Executives: These business executive are present for conducting corporate training. Be it about introduction of a unique product or implementation of a strategy, you can feel free to invite these executives for achieving your organizational objectives.

Advocates: They prove to be the best among the above mentioned categories. They don’t work for free and possess the capability to deliver any kind of speech from motivational to corporate level.

Keynote Speakers worth mentioning

Notable Keynote Speakers Of Canada

Barb Fry: Barb Fry makes sure that the presentations are delivered with higher levels of energy, so that the listeners stay physically and mentally present in the event.

Bill Carr: Bill Carr possesses the capability to deliver serious messages in a light manner. The words used by him force the audience to see the hidden meaning behind their life.

Carol Lesbriel: Carol Lesbriel is an inspirational keynote speaker who helps individuals in redefining their personal and organization objectives.


Notable Keynote Speakers Of Australia

Toni Fitzgerald: Toni Fitzgerald is known for delivering corporate speeches, which are shared interestingly with the audience.

Dr. Adam Fraser: Dr. Adam Fraser is involved in coaching and training people in different areas.

Bettina Arndt: Being a motivational speaker, Bettina Arndt has become successful in building her own brand across the globe.

Siimon Reynolds: Siimon Reynolds is a highly skilled entrepreneur and professional keynote speaker.


Notable Keynote Speakers Of UK

Among the best keynote speakers of UK, some of them are mentioned as follows:

Adrian Webster: Adrian Webster is known for inspiring individuals to give innovative outputs in a different manner.

Allan Pease: Allan Pease is considered to be a motivational speaker who throws light on various success mantras in a light manner.

Amy Williams: Amy Williams, being a gold medalist in 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, tends to be a speaker who specializes in delivering conversational speeches related to sports, teamwork, motivation, leadership etc. If you have always wanted to have an impressive personality, hearing to this speaker at least once becomes a must for you.

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Posted on: 20 March, 2015